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I founded Gunn Capital in 2014 because I wanted to provide maximum value to my clients. Many investment firms try to generate revenue by selling multiple products—insurance, annuities, mutual funds, and comprehensive financial planning services. These firms have a fundamentally different philosophy than Gunn Capital.
I believe clients are best served by fiduciary advisors who are singularly focused on creating the highest long-term returns. Rather than selling products or services that generate commissions and distort investment incentives, with an Assets Under Management (AUM) fee, advisors are rewarded as client returns are maximized.
I’m a lifelong learner with more than 15 years acting as an independent investment advisor serving individual and corporate clients. I received my Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation in 2012 while working for a large private investment firm in Bellevue, WA. Due to the time commitment (a minimum of 500 hours for each of three annual exams) and low pass rate (historically less than 10%), most advisers choose to pursue a CFP designation. But I believe clients are ultimately better served by the expertise and rigorous analytical requirements of a CFA designation.

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