Gunn Capital Management LLC


Investment Strategy

We believe the most secure, long-term asset growth can be captured through value investing. As investors, we identify high-quality companies that we consider undervalued and buy them at a large discount in order to realize asset growth over time. We base our analysis of each company on a structured, discounted cash flow model.
The established, secure companies we seek for client portfolios sell products and innovate within developed markets.

Retirement Planning

Protecting wealth is as important as building wealth. The kind of work it takes to become wealthy, and the kind it takes to preserve wealth are very different. A stunning 70 percent of prosperous families lose their fortune by the second generation, and 90 percent by the third. “Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations” is something we can help our clients avoid. As parents and grandparents, many of our clients hope to create a legacy for their children and grandchildren, or for organizations and philanthropic causes that reflect their ideals.


401(k)s are often the most over-looked aspect of running a business. Employers know they need one to attract qualified people, but they don’t have the time to do the research to compare plans and determine whether the plan is the right fit for their employees. Whether you have three employees or three thousand, we are committed to helping you provide an affordable, personalized retirement savings plan to your employees.